Community Foundation and Fundraising

Clydesdales Community Foundation

As a Rugby League Club, we have a voice that resonates across the community. We are determined to use that voice for the betterment of the young men and women across the South-West region.


The Western Clydesdales have established a VISION to bring rugby league dreams closer for those across South-West Queensland. Our MISSION is to develop quality players, people and community spirit across the South-West Queensland Rugby League community.


Our VALUES are that everything our Club and people do us done with HEART. We represent South-West Queensland, a region full of hard-working rugby league lovers. We represent the resilient regional Queensland spirit and we wear our HEART on our sleeves as we do so.


By investing in the Western Clydesdales, you are investing in our local community to help it thrive. There is a unique and genuine sense of pride and satisfaction in realising you are making a real difference to the lives of others.


There are three core projects that the Western Clydesdales Community Foundation have identified as fundraising priorities: South-West Qld Pathways Junior Development (Creating Clydesdales), Community Initiatives - player participation, community/social inclusion/Indigenous support programs (Our Community) and Female Rugby League development - player/coach development and pathways (Our People).


  • South-West Queensland Pathways Junior Development (Creating Clydesdales)
  • Community Initiatives (Our Community)
  • Female Rugby League Development (Our People)


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