Unleash the Power of Partnership: Join Western Clydesdales "The Stable" Program for the 2024 Season!

Published Thu 23 Nov 2023

As we gear up for an exhilarating 2024 season, Western Clydesdales extends an exclusive invitation for your brand to join "The Stable" Partnership Program. As a cornerstone of this partnership, your support will play a pivotal role in propelling our Hostplus Cup and BMD Premiership sides to new heights.


Why Partner with Western Clydesdales?

At Western Clydesdales, we don't just play the game; we embody the spirit of community, sportsmanship, and excellence. By aligning your brand with ours, you become an integral part of our journey. The 2024 season promises thrilling matches, fierce competition, and countless opportunities for your brand to shine.


What's in it for You?

Our partnership proposal for the 2024 season offers a comprehensive package of benefits designed to maximize your brand's visibility and engagement. Here's a glimpse of the exclusive inclusions awaiting you:

  1. Jersey Presence: Your logo prominently displayed on the back (top) of a specific playing number on both Hostplus Cup and BMD Premiership jerseys.
  2. Stadium Signage: 1 x Home Game fence signage at the iconic Clive Berghofer Stadium and regional venues, ensuring your brand reaches a diverse audience.
  3. Custom Jersey and Player Connection: Receive 1 x custom jersey with your logo on the front, personally signed by a Hostplus Cup and a BMD Premiership player.
  4. Announcements and Mentions: Enjoy logo inclusion in team announcements and match day Ground Announcer mentions across both competitions.
  5. Membership and Activations: 2 x Club Memberships, including home match day access, and the opportunity for match day activations.
  6. Exclusive Events: Attend the Western Clydesdales Season Launch with 2 complimentary tickets and access to discounted merchandise.
  7. Digital Presence: Benefit from social media promotion and advertise in our Member and Partner newsletter (content provided by you).
  8. Networking Opportunities: Join the Western Clydesdales B2B program for invaluable partner networking opportunities.
  9. Future-Focused Participation: Engage in the Western Clydesdales Women's Mentoring Program, set to launch in 2024, and be part of a transformative initiative.
  10. Merchandise Discounts: Enjoy a 15% discount on Western Clydesdales merchandise, showcasing your commitment to our club.


Invest in Success, Reap the Rewards

By partnering with Western Clydesdales, you're not just associating your brand with a sports club; you're investing in success, community, and a promising future. Your support will not only fuel our teams' ambitions but also contribute to the long-term financial stability of the club.


Seize the Moment: Secure Your Spot in "The Stable"

Don't miss this chance to elevate your brand's visibility, connect with a passionate community, and be part of the Western Clydesdales success story. Join "The Stable" Partnership Program for the 2024 season, and let's create a winning partnership together.


For further details or to discuss this opportunity in-depth, please contact CEO Shane Sullivan at or on 0412 276 598.


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Saddle up for success with Western Clydesdales – where champions are made, and partnerships thrive!