Stains Reflects on the 1984 Clydesdales

Published Tue 11 Jun 2024

Written by Lara Santo

The 1984 Toowoomba Clydesdales side are coming back to their roots ahead of this weekend’s past players day where the current Clydesdales will face off with Northern Pride.


The Club will use Sunday’s home game against the Pride to acknowledge, celebrate and bring together all past players, coaches and supporters who have loved the Clydesdales for many years.


The western Clydesdales will be proudly wearing a replica 1984 heritage jersey in order to acknowledge and celebrate 40 years since the 1984 side were victorious over the touring English side. This occasion is very momentous and holds great importance to the club and to past players who have helped bring together the 1984 side for this event such as former Australian Rugby League player, Dan Stains.



Dan grew up in Toowoomba and watched the NRL and local rugby league throughout his high school years. He then played for the Clydesdales, before starring and debuting in the NRL in 1987 for the Cronulla Sharks and for Balmain Tigers and the Halifax Panthers. He started his coaching career in the English Super League where he coached the Bradford Bulls and the London Broncos.



Dan has had a greatly important role in organising the reunion, especially for bringing the 1984 side together. He says to this day the Clydesdales mean a lot to him and he is so grateful for what this club has allowed him to do.


“This weekend means a lot to me as we were such a close team and so many friendships were built…Our team trained hard and played hard which led us to success which made the team have more fun.”


“Our team is still so close, so this reunion means a lot to be able to see everyone again.”


When talking about the game against the touring English side Dan says “The win meant a lot. I was inspired by the 1979 team who beat Great Britain as well so being able to do the same thing as the people I looked up to meant a lot”.


Dan started his football career in Toowoomba and going on to represent the Clydesdales. We asked him what impact the club had on kickstarting his professional career.


“Toowoomba was a great breeding ground and always produces quality Rugby league players. For me personally my career was influenced by older rugby league players around Toowoomba that I watched and looked up to and from having the support from people around the club and Toowoomba itself. These people that influenced me did not only teach me how to be a good footy player, they taught me how to be a great person as well”


“The Toowoomba Clydesdales gave me the opportunity to create a life for myself. I hope that by honouring the history of this club and the community that the Clydesdales have created, that it will give other young players the opportunity to progress to the NRL as well. I hope that young kids see the pathways the Clydesdales create and I hope that it inspires them to pursue their rugby league dreams just like I did.


This weekend's round is very special and will be full of fun and excitement for everyone. Make sure you come down and witness our current Clydesdales take on the Northern Pride and experience the local junior talent we have on offer for a great day of footy. Tickets are on sale: click here