Western Clydesdales Re-Sign 12 Key Players for the 2024 Hostplus Cup Season

Published Mon 30 Oct 2023

By Shane Sullivan
Published: 30/10/2023


Toowoomba QLD, 30th October 2023 - The Western Clydesdales has made a significant move to solidify its roster for the upcoming 2024 Hostplus Cup season by re-signing 12 key players from the 2023 season. The decision to retain these standout athletes, including Luke Rouland, Brock Diment, and Takai Mokohar, highlights the club's commitment to building upon the successes of last year and positioning themselves as serious contenders in the upcoming season.



The Returning Stars

The 12 players set to return to the Western Clydesdales in 2024 are Luke Rouland, Brock Diment, Esom Ioka, Cooper Howlett, Blake Lenehan, Takai Mokohar, Patrick O'Callaghan, Neihana Oldham, Tui Oloapu, Jerome Taulaga, Drew Timms, and Todd White. Each of these athletes played a vital role in the Clydesdales' performance in the 2023 season and brings a wealth of experience and skill to the team.

Luke Rouland, the dependable half, missed his first season with an ACL injury but will deliver on his promise in 2024 while Brock Diment's agility and scoring ability has been invaluable. Esom Ioka and Drew Timms have provided a strong backbone for the team during their first year, and Blake Lenehan's ability to set up plays has been important. Takai Mokohar, with his impressive defence and accuracy, has consistently been a key player, and Patrick O'Callaghan's powerful tackles have earned him a solid reputation.

Neihana Oldham, Tui Oloapu, Jerome Taulaga, Cooper Howlett, and Todd White round out the list of re-signed players, with each contributing unique strengths and talents to the Clydesdales' lineup. Their re-signing is a testament to their dedication to the club and their shared ambition to bring glory to the Western Clydesdales.




Coach Jason Alchin's Enthusiasm

Western Clydesdales RLFC's head coach, Jason Alchin, expressed his excitement regarding the return of these 12 players for the 2024 season. "Having these key players back is a massive boost for our team," said Alchin. "They know the club, our playing style, and each other very well. Their chemistry and experience will be instrumental in achieving our goals for the upcoming season."

Alchin also emphasized the importance of continuity and building on the foundation laid in the previous season. "Our journey in the Hostplus Cup has only just begun, and we are committed to improving and making our fans proud. Retaining these core players is a crucial step in that direction."


The Path Forward

With the return of these 12 talented players, the Western Clydesdales side is positioning itself as a formidable force in the 2024 Hostplus Cup season. The team's supporters can look forward to exciting matches, as these players strive to improve on the 2023 results.


As the anticipation builds for the upcoming season, the Western Clydesdales' supporters can rest assured that the club is working diligently to create a competitive and thrilling rugby league experience. The re-signing of these 12 players is a significant step towards achieving that goal, and it signals a bright future for the team.



The Western Clydesdales will kick off their 2024 Hostplus Cup campaign in March with the support of these returning stars and the guidance of Head Coach Jason Alchin, who is confident that the team will rise to new heights. Rugby league enthusiasts across the South-West Queensland region are eagerly awaiting the season's start, ready to rally behind their beloved Clydesdales.